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Al Qaeda Attacks Women Who Eat "Phallic Shaped" Fruit

Posted by Casey on May 1, 2007

Now tell me there isn’t penis envy going on. Clearly to be al Qaeda you must have a teenie wanker. Women aren’t allowed to drink Coke either. They are considered adulterers.


The witnesses, “Al Qaeda has forbidden citizens [mainly women] from: drinking Coca Cola and/or eating some types of fruits and vegetables (mainly “phallic shaped” foods such as cucumbers and bananas). Al Qaeda considers women who drink Coca Cola or eat these (obscene) fruits and vegetables to be ‘adulteresses’. Additionally, Al Qaeda has forbidden women from sitting upon chairs [instead, they must either stand or sit on the ground/floor].”

Head over to Blackfive for the rest. It comes out of the Al Mada newspaper in Iraq.


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