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1 In 30 Aborted Babies Is Born Alive

Posted by Casey on April 21, 2007

I ran across this on Fark today, and was stunned that this was possible.

Daily Mail:

One in 30 babies aborted for medical reasons is born alive, a study has found.

They lived between 80 minutes to 6 hours. Keep in mind we are talking about aborted babies here.

Researchers looked at the outcome of 3,189 abortions performed on seriously handicapped foetuses at 20 hospitals between 1995 and 2004.

It showed that 102 – or around one in 30 – aborted for reasons such as Down’s Syndrome and heart defects, were born alive.

Check this out … this little one refused to die.

While there is no suggestion that any of the babies documented in the West Midlands study lived for more than a few hours, doctors in Norwich are currently treating a toddler born at 24 weeks after three botched terminations.

He was born three years ago and is still alive.

I wonder if the mother sued the doctor for failing to abort the child like this mother did.


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