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Democrats Are Pushing Legislation That Would Require Employees To Join Unions

Posted by Casey on April 17, 2007

Even if you are pro-union you can’t support someone being forced to join one if they don’t want too. The Democrats have tried to do just that, and they are having success. The “Employee Free Choice Act” (HR 800) would require employers to certify a union if a majority of employees support the union. Thereby forcing those that don’t support the union into a corner. Wait until you read what amendments were killed by the Democrats in the House.

Las Vegas Business Press:

House Democrats passed the EFCA a couple weeks ago. The bill’s fate is now in the hands of the Senate. But, to show how this bill is really all about boosting Big Labor’s sagging membership numbers and nothing about the average American worker, consider some of the pro-employee amendments offered by Republicans during debate over the bill in the House, which were killed by the Democratic majority.

There are nine amendments that have been killed that deal with coercion, illegal immigration, and others. It’s a good read.

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