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Little Knut Is Sick … I Smell Fowl Play

Posted by Casey on April 16, 2007

Photo courtesy of AP

Is someone trying to murder Knut?

We have motive and we have a suspect. We don’t know if it’s just an illness, but I’ll be watching this closely. I haven’t heard anyone say that Knut may be the target of assassination yet, but it is a possibility.


The Berlin Zoo’s popular polar bear cub, Knut, is not feeling well and had his daily public appearance in front of thousands of visitors cut short Monday after only 30 minutes.

The zoo’s veterinarian, Andre Schuele, put the 4 1/2-month old cub on antibiotics and said the Knut is “off stage to get some rest while we watch him closely.”

There was no specific diagnosis “but he is still a young animal and therefore susceptible to infections,” Schuele said.

Hmmm … no diagnosis eh?

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