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Speak English Dumbass!

Posted by Casey on April 10, 2007

It doesn’t cost a dime.


Desperate for English-speaking workers, business leaders in a heavily immigrant California city have launched a $4.5 million campaign to persuade residents to learn the language.

The campaign in Santa Ana, where more than three-quarters of residents are Hispanic and less than 15 percent speak English at home, offers free language classes at a community college and take-home study kits.

The race-baiters will be out in full force over this one. How many times does America have to tell you that you likely won’t be a success in this country unless you speak the language of the land?

“Two-thirds of our workforce does not qualify for an entry-level job in growth industries because they do not speak English or do not speak English well enough.”

You don’t need to move to Santa Ana to learn English for free either. I am sick and tired of hearing the same old BS that learning English is expensive. If you really believe that then go to the two following links. Both offer free language lessons online, or free language software … including English. Now go learn something lazy ass!

Free Online Lessons

Free Software

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