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Mary Katherine Ham Schools Progressives On Their Hypocrisy

Posted by Casey on April 9, 2007

Hotair is rockin today.

Mary Katherine Ham, one of the elite conbabes (hot conservative) rightly pointed out the hypocrisy of the left ignoring the attacks Michelle Malkin has been enduring over the years. Progressive women have always been silent when MM faces misogyny, and racism, from other progressives. Here’s a comment about MM I received shortly after I started this blog:

Bode Miller Jokes said…

Michelle “Coconut” Malkin says he was an enemy to “ethnic mau-mauers” (i.e., people like myself who cry out for racial justice), so I say good riddance, burn in hell.

“Coconut” Malkin? He even goes on to make the laughable statement that HE cries out fo racial justice. Can racists cry out for racial justice?

The debate quickly turned into the ever predictable Ann Coulter bash. The problem with that is that Coulter doesn’t personally assault someone unless they’ve personally assaulted someone else. I don’t know of a time when Ann launched a personal attack against someone who had never levied one themselves. Malkin doesn’t attack people personally. She attacks their statements, actions, and politics … not them personally.

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