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Anti-Gun Fruits Protesting Memorial For Navy SEAL

Posted by Casey on April 6, 2007

Denver Post

Make sure you visit Michelle Malkin for the full story.

Danny P. Dietz, Gunner’s Mate Second Class, United States Navy won the Navy Cross … posthumously.

Demonstrating exceptional resolve and fully understanding the gravity of the situation and his responsibility to his teammates, Petty Officer Dietz fought valiantly against the numerically superior and positionally advantaged enemy force. Remaining behind in a hailstorm of enemy fire, Petty Officer Dietz was wounded by enemy fire. Despite his injuries, he bravely fought on, valiantly defending his teammates and himself in a harrowing gunfight, until he was mortally wounded.

Ann Levy of Denver, who calls herself a “peacenik,” would like to see Dietz’s sacrifice honored in a different way.

“They should be putting up a peace dove instead,” she said. “The question is do we stand for peace or do we stand for war?”

No dumbass! That’s not the question, and there isn’t a question being asked. We are honoring a hero who valiantly defended his men, you, me, our loved ones, and your right to be said dumbass.

A dove! Are you f—ing kidding me … a dove?

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