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Update: One Of The British Hostages Was Held In Solitary Confinement … Human Rights Groups Silent

Posted by Casey on April 5, 2007

Still no cries of torture from the left. I figured I’d check out a couple of human rights groups to see how they are covering the British hostage story … especially now that we know one of the Royal Marines was held in solitary confinement.

The ACLU, Human Rights Watch and others have been going to court to raise awareness to solitary confinement of terrorist detainees, and calling it torture. In fact, if you go to the ACLU’s website and do a search for solitary + detainee … you get this page. Some of the cries of torture are for similar lengths of time as this Royal Marine spent in solitary confinement. However, on the ACLU homepage … nothing about the British.

What about Human Rights Watch? On there website they claim to be “Defending Human Rights Worldwide.” They also have news feeds on the homepage of human rights issues in the news today. Surely they will be angry with Iran about the treatment of the British hostages … especially given the solitary confinement issue (something Human Rights Watch detests).

Here’s the screenshot:

I even highlighted the sections this story should have appeared in along with the ravings about Gitmo detainee abuse.

I know what you’re thinking … maybe the stories about the British have been replaced with more current stories of the day. Fair enough … so I did a search for British on the HRW website.

Here’s the page of results:

You’ll notice it’s just a bunch of stories attacking Great Britain for torturing people, or at least supporting it.

So I refined my search with British Marines, and found one article with two links.

Here it is:

Hardly as inspiring, or angry, as what they’ve said about the US and Britain condoning torture.

Now here’s the results when I did a search for solitary + detainee:

Big difference … I know. Please note the highlighted portion. HRW claims they “investigated” 16 cases of solitary confinement, and still no outrage for the treatment of the British hostages. Only a “they shouldn’t televise confessions.”

I encourage you to do a search in Google for “solitary confinement” + “detainee” + “torture” … the results are staggering how many articles have been written about the US and UK torturing terrorists with solitary confinement (about 247,000).

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