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TSA Screeners Don’t Find Bombs Even When Alarms Go Off

Posted by Casey on April 3, 2007

Can you say federal employee?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners failed most of the covert tests because of human error, sources told 9NEWS. Alarms went off on the machines, but sources said screeners violated TSA standard operating procedures and did not hand-search suspicious luggage, wand, or pat down the undercover agents.

After such a monumental failure by federal officials what measures can you expect them to take?

“The good news is we have our own people probing and looking and examining the system,” said Rep. Ed Perlmutter.

So the same people who failed to detect explosives is investing their own failures? Exactly how many weapons did TSA personnel let through security?

Sources told 9NEWS the Red Team was able to sneak about 90 percent of simulated weapons past checkpoint screeners in Denver.

90 percent! I wonder how many drinks were able to get on the planes?


2 Responses to “TSA Screeners Don’t Find Bombs Even When Alarms Go Off”

  1. vice said

    Mental note to self:
    Do not fly out of Denver, take train instead!

  2. Anonymous said

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