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U.S. Soldiers To Get Better Body Armor

Posted by Casey on April 2, 2007

This is pretty neat, but it isn’t the best available. I’m always glad when our people get an upgrade. Especially when it’s 3 lbs. lighter.

This is the best there is … bar none!

It’s called Dragon Skin. Like many of you I have been hearing whispers, and reading articles about Dragon Skin for some time now. Everyone with an interest in military gear has weighed in on what they think of Dragon Skin. I’m always skeptical of body armor though … I got it from my 11 Bravo days. That is, until I saw Dragon Skin on one of my favorite shows … Future Weapons.

Mack tested Dragon Skin with the usual suspects … an AK-47 and M-16. He fired on Dragon Skin from various distances, and even used bursts to prove it would hold up in a firefight. Dragon Skin didn’t allow any rounds to penetrate through to the body … very impressive. However, what came next was the most amazing feat ever by body armor.

Mack decided he would see how Dragon Skin would hold up to a grenade. Nothing special there, I know. However, he wasn’t testing Dragon Skin on shrapnel … he was testing Dragon Skin on the grenade itself … literally. Mack put Dragon Skin on a human torso replica, and laid it down on a grenade. It simulated a soldier jumping on a grenade to save his buddies. This test had never been done by Dragon Skin’s makers, and you could tell they were pretty nervous. They detonated the grenade directly under the Dragon Skin protected torso, and made their way over to see how bad the damage was. To everyone’s amazement … Dragon Skin held up to the blast of the grenade. The grenade did not penetrate Dragon Skin’s protective layer! The only damage was to the outer fabric. The torso was completely protected by Dragon Skin from the grenade, and did not sustain external damage.

Dragon Skin should be in service with our forces now, and likely will have a shot at becoming standard issue. I know some contractors have decided to start buying Dragon Skin for themselves, and they are smart as hell for doing it.


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