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British Hostages Won’t Be Tried … All 15 Have Admitted Guilt

Posted by Casey on April 2, 2007

Still no cries of torture from the left on this one.

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iran’s chief international negotiator on Monday called for an end to “the language of force” in the dispute over 15 British sailors captured in contested waters of the Persian Gulf and said there was no need to put the crew on trial.

Iranian state radio said there would be no more broadcasts of the detained crew, though it said all 15 captive Britons had admitted illegally entering Iranian waters.

And in London, an official said Britain had agreed to consider discussing with Iran how to avoid future disputes over contested waters in the Persian Gulf.

I have a suggestion to avoid future disputes with Iran … act like the naval power you are Britain, and sink the Iranian navy!

I’m not the only one saying this either.


One Response to “British Hostages Won’t Be Tried … All 15 Have Admitted Guilt”

  1. Elliott said

    Chance would be a fine thing, but I regret that Britain is not the country it was. And you won’t get the Left agitating for our prisoners’ release either – all they can do is bleat about how the west treats its captives much less humanely (their logic, as ever, interesting).

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