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Sen. Webb Gets Staffer Arrested

Posted by Casey on March 26, 2007

This is developing, but it seems like Sen. James Webb (D-VA) is responsible for getting one of his staffers arrested for illegally carrying Webb’s sidearm.

Via Drudge:

SENATE STAFFER BUSTED FOR CARRYING WEBB’S LOADED GUN… Phillip Thompson, executive assistant to Senator James Webb (D-VA ), has been arrested by Capitol Hill Police on Monday for ‘inadvertently’ holding the senator’s loaded gun, according to a person close to the investigation. A Senate staffer reports that Thompson was arrested for carrying the gun in a bag through security into a Senate office building while the Senator was parking his car. Thompson was booked for carrying a pistol without a license (CPWL) and for possessing unregistered ammunition. According to congressional rules, congressmen and senators, not staff, are allowed to have a gun on federal property. Developing…

At best this is extremely shortsighted on Webb’s part. He allowed a staffer to carry his loaded weapon into the Senate office building even though it is against the law. Sen. Webb better make this right.

Another aspect to watch here is the unregistered ammunition. I’m not familiar with DC gun laws, but still need to find out if the ammunition is registered to Webb … or not at all. If the ammunition has not been registered at all … then Webb has violated DC gun laws and should face punishment.


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