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Woman Opens Door For Man … Man Graciously Assists Her … Woman Sues Man

Posted by Casey on March 8, 2007

You can sue for anything these days. You can even sue the people you went out of the way to help because you got hurt doing it. This woman is suing the guy she held the door open for, and the Pizza Hut that owned the door.

Woman opens door for man at Pizza Hut, then sues both

Thursday, March 08, 2007

By Steve Gonzalez – Edwardsville Bureau

A woman who was injured while holding open the door for customers at the Edwardsville Pizza Hut filed a personal injury suit against the restaurant and the man to whom she extended the courtesy.

Amanda Verett claims she was walking out the door of Pizza Hut on Feb. 12, when she held open the door to allow herself and co-defendant Clarence Jackson to exit.

“Jackson grabbed the door in such a fashion that it caused the door to suddenly and sharply move,” the complaint written by Edwardsville attorney Tom Maag states.

Verett claims she was injured as a result of the sudden and sharp movement of the door.

She claims Jackson violated his duty to use ordinary care for the safety of others when he operated the Pizza Hut door which caused her to sustain an acromion process impingement in her right shoulder.

Verett claims due to the injury she suffered at Pizza Hut, she was unable to avoid falling on a later date and tore tendons and suffered injuries to her left hand and wrist, including a partial tear of the pronator quadratus muscle at the dorsum.

She claims her injuries caused her to suffer a disfigurement, severe pain and discomfort and medical expenses.

Verett claims Pizza Hut was negligent by maintaining a door for ingress and egress which was not reasonably safe and was likely to injure people when being held open and grabbed by another.

Verett is seeking damages in excess of $150,000, plus costs.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Nick Byron.

We might as well not accept any chivilrous act because we may be sued by a predator in disguise.

One Response to “Woman Opens Door For Man … Man Graciously Assists Her … Woman Sues Man”

  1. Anonymous said

    Sounds to me like the guy yanked the door our of her hand and hurt her. That does not sound to damn gracious, sounds like the guy was drunk or was being an asshole, and ripped her arm out. He ought to be sued for that.

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